Welcome to Radiation Safety Consultants

We provide consultation service for any medical group or business using ionizing radiation or nuclear medicine especially surgery centers with uroscopy or ambulatory care centers. Our services include all radiation safety issues for compliance with the department of health services, including radiation safety officers. All radiation exposure monitoring compliance with physicist certificates is guaranteed.

We have all protocols relating to radiation up to date including:

  • A CR Mammography Physics support
  • A CR CT Physics support
  • A CR MRI Physics support
  • A CR PET Physics support
  • A CR Nuclear Medicine Physics support
  • Radiation Safety Officer (including RSO contracted services)
  • Shielding review and plan generation (X-ray, CT, PET, Radiation Oncology)
  • Equipment planning and sepecification review
  • Imaging equipment testing (rad, R/F, c-arm, etc)